The H Thompson Badminton Centre
101 Cascade Road, South Hobart, Tasmania

Annual report





It is very pleasing to report the membership to the end of June reached 202 members. This reflects the membership is remaining static over the past twelve months.

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee for 2011/2012 with meetings attended are listed below:-

Mr. John Henderson President-10 meetings

Mr. Robert Brockman,Vice-President-10 meetings

Mrs. Lenna Grainger, Hon. Treasurer-9 meetings

Mrs. Rose Meaghan, Hon. Secretary-11 meetings

Mr.Rod Evans-Hon. Assistant Secretary-6 meetings

Mr. Alan Bottomley,-9 meetings

Mr. Matthew Gillie-8 meetings

Mr. Keith Brown-8 meetings

Mr. Nathan Horne- 9 meetings

Mrs. Christine Dennison- 4 meetings

The committee has had a busy year with two State  tournaments, organising rosters for the members as well as  Rosters for our Juniors and supervising maintenance on an aging building.

Rosters 2011-2012

The STBA has continued to operate three rosters in the financial year which have all been well patronised.

Winter Roster 2011  -  Winning Teams:

Division 1        Division 2                  Division 3             Division 4             Division 5

M. Gillie          L. Ford                       I. Johnston          M. Taylor             K. Davis

A. Gardner      A. Elford                   O. Hedges           T. Finlayson         G. Duhig

S. Burnett       Ernest Ng                   M. Wilson            N. Duhig             D. Wilson

K. Spaulding   J. Colquhoun             A. Grundy           A. Rundle              M. Oakley

G. Rouse         C. Nation                   R. Sweeney        E. Wilkins             V. Mason

                       L. Cripps                                             A. Weichelt        C. Oliver


Summer Roster 2011-2012 - Winning Teams:


Division 2              Division 3            Division 4              Division 5                           

D. Downham       T. Batchelor          I. Horne                   A. Nichols                          

M. Avellena         G. Brett                A. Quinn                  A. Gittus              

I. Ponsonby         I. Fletcher           N. Duhig                 K. Goninon            

A. Bottomley       T. Axton                A. Rundle                D. Glover           

L. Grundy             A. Watkins         E. Wilkins               S. Menzies       

A. Brockman        R. Sweeney         N. Mirowski             C. Collins                                            

L. Lawson                                                                    C. Hutchins



Autumn Roster 2012 - Winning Teams

Division 1            Division 2                     Division 3               Division 4            Division 5

A. Gardner          L. Mac-Myer                A. Adkins                  T. Finlayson        G. Weller            

M. Fazackerley    N. Chatterton                A. Lau                      R. Smith              S. Kotcharian

L. Grundy            A. Bottomley                 P. Stewart                Tom Ze               D. Palmer

E. Cross               A. Colquhoun               M. Taylor                 D. McDonald        T. Kelly

C. Barker             A. Eyles                       N. Williams               N. Rosan              D. Kelly

                                                              S. Fazackerley          T. Oates                




The badminton on Tuesday nights for players to come and learn to play badminton or brush up old skills and get re-started has continued this year and it has been enjoyed by all attending.


The STBA is fortunate to have the services of Robert Brockman who has undertaken the task of making this a success. Many new players have joined the rosters after playing with the Tuesday night group.

Thank you to Robert for all his work in this area.


ADULT EDUCATION CLASSES:-Unfortunately there weren’t enough people interested this year to run Adult Education Classes but the association will try to resume these next year.




M. Gillie(Captain)                                  A. Brockman

D. Jones                                               L. Grundy

C. Barker                                              M. Graham

R. Henderson                                         E. Cross

B. Munday                                              A. Rothery


The team competed in Sydney this year and finished 8th  overall.

Congratulations must go to this team and Doug Brain, the Manager, and Robert  Brockman ,the Umpire and B. Munday the playing coach for organising this team.




Lachlan Mac Donald-Myer(Captain)       Meg Graham

Alexander Stow                                     Amy Simmons      

Adrian Loane                                         Abigail Rothery

Steven Gale                                            Billie Watkins

Nathan Chatterton                                   June Watkins


The team competed in Darwin in July  this year.

Congratulations must go to this team along with Brent Munday(coach), Pauline Dobson(Manager and Court Official) for the organising and presentation of this team.



Aaron Harvey                                            Heathery Rothery

Indiana Ponsonby                                     Kate Criggie

Corey Lockett                                            Bonnie Ferguson

Joshua Partridge                                       Daisy Ferguson

Korey Stratton                                           June Watkins


The team competed in Hobart at Easter this year.

Congratulations must go to this team and Alexandra Ponsonby(Coach)and Rodney Lockett (Manager) for coaching and organising this very young team.



The Tasmanian Badminton Association ranks players in singles, doubles and mixed doubles, in Open, Under 19 and U/17 events. Rankings are determined by performances at tournament during the past year.




MENS SINGLES:                                                              WOMENS SINGLES:

1. J. Cracknell                                                                 1.Leesa Grundy                                           

1  D. Jones                                                                      2. K. Flack

3. C. Barker                                                                     3. M. Graham

                                                                                       4. E. Cross

                                                                                        5. J. Petrusma


MENS DOUBLES  :                                                      WOMENS DOUBLES:

1. M. Gillie/B. Munday                                                1. L. Grundy/ J. Petrusma

2. D. Jones/C. Badger                                               2. E. Cross/K. Flack

3. A. Gardner/B. McCann                                          3. K. Duniam/A. Jennings



1. B. Munday/K. Spaulding

2. M. Gillie/L. Grundy

3 D. Jones/M. Graham

4. C. Barker/ A. Rothery

=5 C. Badger/J. Petrusma

=5 A. Gardner/K. Flack



 Mens Singles :                                            Ladies Singles:

1. A. Harvey                                                1. D. Ferguson   

2. C. Lockett                                                2. K. Criggie                

3. J. Partridge


BOYS SINGLES                                                  GIRLS SINGLES

1.       L. MacDonald-Myer                                           1. A. Rothery

2.       I. Ponsonby                                                      2. M.Graham

3.       S. Gale                                                             3. J. Watkins

4.       A. Loane                                                          4. B. Watkins

5.       A. Stow

6.       N. Chatterton



1.       I. Ponsonby/L. MacDonald-Myer

2.       S. Gale/A. Stow


1.       I. Ponsonby/A. Rothery

2.       N. Chatterton/M. Graham

3.       L. MacDonald-Myer/ J. Watkins



There were insufficient performances in several of the Junior Events to warrant rankings being awarded.

The S.T.B.A are looking at ways to increase our Junior players so we hope to rectify this through our High School and Junior rosters and the State is looking into a State Junior Talent Identification Squad.




The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Program has been very successful in attracting many new players, from diverse backgrounds, to the STBA Badminton Centre.

The CALD Program, run in Southern Tasmania by the STBA in conjuction with Badminton Australia(BA) and the Australian Sports Commission(ASC), is now in its second year. A number of achievements have included:

1.       Opening and running a new casual court hire session(2pm to 5pm every Sunday)

2.       Organising the first Australian Malaysian National Badminton Championships (22-23 September)

3.       Conducting 2 CALD Tournaments

4.       Conducting a Level1 Coaches Course

5.       Conducting a Level 1 Technical Officials Course

6.       Sending a team to participate in the National Conference Games.

The success of the program has delivered 89 new participants to the CALD Program in Southern Tasmania for the year to 30th June, 2012. During the last 12 months the CALD Program has established 14 new community links in the CALD Community in Southern Tasmania.

In July the STBA hosted the ASC and the Four Deigos Media over two days during which time they filmed a vidcast for the ASC’s All Cultures Program. At the time we held a Come & Try Session with 85 people on the Friday and on Saturday and Sunday, a Tasmanian State Badminton tournament with over 170 entries. This was a wonderful opportunity to show case the STBA CALD Program and the benefits the program is having on the CALD Community in Southern Tasmania.  The vidcast has been published to the ASC website.

Following the Vidcast the STBA introduced a number of the ASC recommendations, including a Social Media Strategy. We now use the social media to engage with the CALD Community and promote the STBA CALD program, badminton and the STBA badminton centre.

The success of the CALD program has been largely due to the hard work and dedication of the STBA’s CALD Program Manager, Mr Ernest Ng.  The STBA thank Ernest for his passion, dedication and hard work. Finally The STBA would like to acknowledge the support and assistance of Badminton Australia, the ASC and Four Deigos Media.

Matthew Gillie,

Committee Member, STBA

Director, CALD Program, STBA

Director, Badminton Australia 


The Stan Wesley Trophy is presented each year to the Under 19 boy and girl who are considered to have best Sportsmanship, Playing Ability, Court Demeanour and Dress during the Pennant Roster:

Previous Male Winners: Richard Conway, Matthew Gillie, Anton Hadiputro, Simon Yoong, Adam Gillie, Brent Munday, Michael Lovett, Grant Henderson, David Cannell, Phillip Freeman, Rowan Henderson, Greg Meaghan, Joshua Williams, Tom Horne, William Ponsonby, Ben Sharp, Rhys Roberts, Jonathon Cracknell, James Bayles, Andrew Gardner, Ash Linnemann, and Andrew Gardner.

Previous Female Winners: Jenni-lin Knott, Hannah Chapman, Belinda Adams, Olivia Cornish, Sarah Hopkins, Prue Loney, Kate Johnson, Thia Cantwell, Rowena Foong, Gretchen Dobson, Susan Dobson, Sheralee Urbanc, Clare Duggan, Natalie Urbanc, Melissa Cane, Stephanie Gough, Natalie Urbanc, Leesa Grundy, Amelia Brockman , Katie Flack and Emma Cross.


The 2012 roster consisted of 71 teams made up of 57 teams from High Schools and 14 College teams which equates to 17 schools being represented both in the Public and Private Sectors. Numbers were slightly down this year due to having to compete with Water Polo on  a Friday night.

This year we had two new High Schools join the roster from Kingston High and Clarence High. It is the first time Kingston High have entered into the roster but I think Clarence High may have participated a number of years back. We also had Hobart College rejoin the College Roster and enter two teams and both teams were successful in their respective divisions.

The Championship entries were very well received this year and all grades competed and some grades even had plate entries. The grade 9’s had the most number of entries with the mixed doubles having to be played on grand final night as we ran out of time to fit them all in on their allocated night.

A huge thank you to Rosie Meaghan for co-ordinating and running the championships for me and assisting and advising me throughout the year when I needed  help and advice, also a big thank you to Jenny Cannell from Montrose Bay High School for helping Rosie together with Rod Evans and Nathan Horne form the S.T.B.A. committee for their time in helping Rosie out and keeping the games flowing in order to keep to the time schedule.

Lastly another thank you to John Henderson for assisting me on Grand Final night in  presenting the certificates to the winning schools and the trophy winners from the Championships.

The competition ran smoothly this year and without too many hiccups. It was also great to see on Friday night and especially Grand Final night the centre filled with so many children participating together with the spectators watching these games.

The S.T.B.A thank Karen for all the work she does in this vital area of our game.


High Schools and College co-Ordinator.



2012 was well attended with an average of 66 players. This was slightly down on numbers for last year but still well above the 48 from 2010. Player numbers exceed 70 on several occasions.

Every season experiences turn-over with new players turning up to offset a similar number dropping out. This season’s churn rate followed a similarly high churn rate observed in 2011 with quite large numbers of juniors coming and going. It would be good to understand this better to try to improve player retention. 

Another solution might be to offer a summer roster season to give players a choice of when they play but this would require a significant extra level of parental commitment to get off the ground and would be very hard to establish. 

The Juniors have benefitted immensely this season by a strong band of volunteer help and as a result Kev Rothery was no longer needed to look after a specific division so he helped whichever division need additional supervision. 

It was unfortunate Alex Ponsonby did not hold coaching sessions this year and it needs to be looked at next year and would seem reasonable that whoever is appointed is recompensed for their efforts. Noting that the Junior Roster contributes several thousand dollars of funding to the STBA  each season, it would help to maintain long-term viability of badminton in this State. Just two hours of coaching per fortnight is probably all that would be needed. 

Succession planning has been an important aspect of this season with both Kev and Christine Dennison wishing to hand over major roster responsibilities after taking care of things for the last 5 years. Kev has been documenting volunteer roles and a schedule of tasks to leave the administration side of things in good order.  A documented first aid procedure has been identified for the first time and it is pleasing to note the a number of highly motivated volunteers have been identified and it  seems likely that the roster will be able to be sustained of coming years 

The Association would like to thank Mr. Kev Rothery , Mrs Christine Dennison and all their enthusiastic volunteers for all their valuable work  with the Junior Roster without who the S.T.B.A.  would not have a future.



The S.T.B.A would like to thank Henry Nissink for once again organising Veterans Social Games.  The evening is well attended.  Any player over the age of 35 is welcome to attend the night and the cost of participation includes the court hire and shuttles.

This area is now very well patronised by younger members as well as the veterans choose to go to this session for their weekly extra practice.


 The Southern Veterans Carnival was held in June this year.

The event was not as well patronised this year due to the timing of the event and the older members are finding it very hard to play for a full weekend.  The organisers are sure they can turn this around as the dates this year did not suit a some members.

Thanks to the Veterans Group for organising this event.


The Sub- Committee has been very busy keeping this magnificent asset  in order but as it is ageing numerous maintenance projects have to be addressed.

The Major areas of work completed this year were:-

1.       New ridge-capping over courts 1-8 Cost $6,000 approx.

2.       Colorbond Roof and guttering over kitchen and canteen area.

3.       Repairs to roof and roof –drainage over the gymnasium and improvements to the roof over the entry foyer area.  Cost  $9,500  approx.

4.       Block-Off possum access to the inside of the hall and catch and re-locate possum trapped inside the building.

5.       Stainless Steel splash-back installed in kitchen (Health Dept Requirement) $600 approx.

6.       New Carpet on walk-way behind courts and on steps down to the courts $7000 approx.

7.       Pest extermination throughout the hall. $500 approx.

8.       Graffiti removal and re-painting of areas at the city end of the hall. $3,500

9.       Installing new ceiling and Lights to Off-Court Shop $600 approx.

10.   Repair and re-painting of kitchen and canteen $3.500  approx- Current.

11.   There have been many smaller maintenance jobs completed during the year and still more numerous jobs identified by our contract cleaner and it is hoped these will be dealt with in the coming months.

There is also the inevitable smaller maintenance jobs which will arise because of the age of the building.

Our thanks must go to this Sub- Committee and its Co-ordinator Mr. Alan Bottomley for their hard work in accomplishing all this work.


Marshall Preddy is continuing to provide good service in the canteen. We thank him for his patience and understanding in these matters and wish him well in the coming year.

Mr. Preddy is also a qualified first aider so his services are extremely useful.


The S.T.B.A. thanks Mrs. Linda Ponsonby for keeping the Hall in immaculate condition throughout the past year.  Linda has provided cleaning services to the S.T.B.A over many years and is an asset to the association.


This year the sport of badminton was again included on the Education Department’s Winter Sports Participation Day.

The S.T.B.A. would like to thank Mrs. Pauline Dobson and her team of volunteers for organising this wonderful event, which introduces badminton to primary school children.

The event was a huge success and Pauline wishes to pass on their thanks to the parents and volunteers who assisted on the day.


 In conclusion 2011/2012 has been a successful but extremely busy year for the Association, with two major Tournaments being held in the Centre and three pennant rosters which have been well patronised which would not have been successful without the members who helped run these events.

The Association held a very successful U/17 Carnival at Easter with teams from all around Australia and New Zealand. This was very well organised by our Event Director, Mr. Robert Brockman.

The CALD Programme has been enormously successful in encouraging the different communities to join us and some of these players are joining our rosters so it all goes well for the future.

I thank the committee for their support for the big task of running this association but hopefully with your help we can all look forward to a great  2012-2013.