Here are some thoughts :

1.   Badminton is a very civilised sport - you bash a shuttle, not your opponent!

2.   Badminton is a true mixed-gender sport. That has to make it more fun, and how many sports can boast that? Not many!

3.   Badminton is fairly aerobic (especially at the higher levels) and that helps to keep you fit.

4.   Badminton lends itself to being played over a very wide range of levels; you can have an enjoyable game at any level of ability.

5.   Badminton can be played competitively by young and old. Much more so than most sports.
      Our roster includes players from teenage to 60+ or sometimes even 70+ See our Player Statistics page..

6.   Badminton has a fairly low injury rate.

7.   Badminton is a true international sport, being played by virtually every country in the world.

8.   Badminton is a top sport. Not so much so in Australia but on a global basis it is in the top 4.

9.   Badminton is claimed to be the world's fastest racquet sport. 
      This is easily true in terms of initial shuttle speed when the shuttle is smashed

10.  Badminton is played indoors so that bad weather doesn't interfere with your game.

11.  And ... badminton it is a lot of fun!